Our story begins in 2007

Company AllServices Group s.r.o. is a traditional family company that transformed from a simple entrepreneur business

Our beginnings dated back to 2007 when we did provide cleaning services to big open space companies in the capital city of Prague.

Through the years we’ve changed, from a simple service business to a wholesaler and trader company with its own product labels. We also sell czech and european labels on our site: www.vybaveniprouklid.cz

We are a Czech family company, which was created by transformation from the business of a natural person in the field of cleaning and has been on the market since 2009. So we already know something about cleaning during that time :-). Our main activity is now production and retail sales, wholesale, cleaning equipment rental, consulting, and service in the field of professional cleaning. In addition to our brands of cleaning agents and cleaning machines, our offer also includes a wide portfolio of both Czech and foreign brands, which we transport directly from abroad from manufacturers or we are their local distributor in the Czech Republic.

By cooperating with us and purchasing products in our online store, you will support a team of employees who enjoy their work and it is clear about their work. In our country, the team consists of more than 50% of people with disabilities in the labor market. Thanks to you, they also have a job and can realize and fulfill their dreams. Besides, our company also supports charitable and charitable projects and organizations. We also promote a gentle approach to nature and our surroundings. We provide real replacement performance.

Number of employees: 25

Sales (takes) 2020: 70 millions

Year-on-year growth: 30%

Storage area: 2 000 m2

Number of products: 4 500

Number of articles: 160 000

Succesfull salesman on markets Mall.cz and Alza.cz

Family company: